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Back in the Saddle

I am back in the saddle again…sorta of speaking.  After a few weeks of reflection and relaxation, I am on my summer hours working with Greenstone Experiential and Jill Wolski. Jill established teen groups, women's groups, and family groups for Equine Assisted Growth and Learning.

Since my work is mobile, I spend my time at a couple of facilities in the Capital Region including, Higher Ground Farm in Hoosick Falls, New York and Grace Reins Farm in Nassau, New York.  I work with a different herd of horses at each location, and they are all great partners in the work I do. 

My herd in Nassau is a tight-knit group and a solid herd that exists together 24/7.  They live in pasture with shelter and access to clean water all year round.  I believe that most horses thrive in an environment where they are free to move about to graze when available and roam.  We have domesticated these animals, and this is the closest we can come to a natural environment for them. 

My other herd in Hoosick Falls are all out in the pasture for the summer where they can decompress from the work we do for nine months.  Time to be a horse keeps my partners in sound body and mind. 

Here are some more photos of my Nassau herd. 

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