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Donkey - At Work

Pepe is a very special donkey. Actually, donkeys, in general, are very special. Unlike a horse, they do not display the same fight or flight reaction. Donkeys are always looking, watching, and sizing up their environment. They will stand their ground, and they are fierce protectors.

Pepe has lots of time with kids and is always entertaining. Recently he went to Hoosick Falls Central School with his horse buddy Ringo to participate in Wellness Day. It was a rainy day though we found some cover managed to stay somewhat dry.

This was his first time off the farm, and he was brilliant. I think we saw close to 600 students that day and he was a real champ as you can see in the photo, he was surrounded with hands all over him. He did get breaks and had a delicious lunch in between the groups of students. He even made a trip down the hallways of the school.

I think he will be invited back!

I have attached another great story about a donkey in England. https://www.thedodo.com/therapy-donkey-helps-girl-speak-2369029502.html

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