14 yr.old student

The horse therapy barn is an amazing place. When I'm having a rough week with school or at home, I always have the horses to look forward to and coming to the barn and relaxing; this is a very therapeutic experience. I love coming to see the horses."

16 yr.old student

Going to the horse farm was the highlight of my 2017-18 school year. It gave me a break away from school and everything else going on in my life that stresses me out and drives me crazy.
Spending time with Ms.Botaish and Ms.Wilson and being with new people was great and while I was there I learned Confidence, Responsibility, Respect, Trust and so many other things.

11 yr.old Scarlett's mom

There is no question that spending time with horses,one on one,has impacted Scarlett for the better.  She is much calmer and thoughtful and comes back from her time at the farm relaxed and happy.  She now tends to think before reacting, and her sense of self-awareness has improved dramatically.   We would strongly recommend it to any parent with a child who has behavioral or self-confidence issues. We also found Janet to be an incredibly thoughtful and caring person, and her dedication to helping Scarlett grow as an individual has been greatly appreciated.

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