Janet Botaish

Owner and Program Director, EAGALA Certified Equine Facilitator

Connecting with a horse is a unique opportunity that creates a place of self-discovery. It goes beyond the traditional to create and restore balance in people's lives while teaching critical thinking, clear communication, and social skills.  

We partner with mental health and wellness professionals to enhance the experience.

After working in many different programs, with many different populations, my passion is working with school-age children.

Michelene Wilson

Special Education Teacher, EAGALA Certified Facilitator

Michelene brings her educational expertise, extensive knowledge of learning and behavior theories, her passion for horses, and her problem solving skills in crisis management, together to partner in equine assisted learning.  She enjoys the opportunity to facilitate life changing connections between adolescents and horses.


“The horses allow students to build a relationship with, and experience the results of their behaviors on another living being. The horses teach us to be empathetic which has the power to change our lives and bring about positive social change in our schools, communities and the world at large.”


Jamie Ziehm

Owner Higher Ground Farm, World Class Horse Trainer and Equine Facilitator

Horses have opened my eyes, heart, and soul in ways I never expected. Through all the training disciplines I’ve learned and continue to learn, it’s honestly the spirit of the horse and their incredible mirroring and therapeutic capabilities that keep me involved. "

"Observing the genuinely healing and teaching nature in an entirely non-verbal way is the essence of horses. It’s so powerful watching students change in front of our eyes when they experience that connection every day.   I look forward to expanding our reach to share the gifts of the horse with many more."


Cat Lynch Capowski

Mental Health Professional

MSW, MEd , LCSW,  RYT200hr


Cat Lynch Capowski is a clinical social worker and a yoga teacher who also loves working with horses and people in a therapeutic context  She recognizes the profound healing that can occur between horse and human and feels grateful to be able to witness this relationship  and to assist in this connection.

Cat has been an LCSW for many years is currently specializing in working with veterans who are healing from trauma and addiction. She uses both talk therapy interventions as well as more body based physical healing with yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Cat also has a masters degree in early childhood and special education and has worked as a child and adolescent /teen therapist.

Cat recognizes that for many of us the” issues live In our tissues” and has found that yoga is a powerful intervention. She offers Y12SR yoga and 12 step recovery classes in the community to help people struggling with their addictive behaviors.